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Steel Piers

Having your foundation repaired by using steel piers provides you with many positive benefits and advantages. Steel piers can be pressed as deep as 75 feet into the ground, offering you the security of knowing that your house is much less likely to shift in the deep clay soils that are prevalent throughout our area.

Steel piers are extremely strong, long-lasting and offer you peace of mind in knowing that your home is safe, solid and stable. Even though the cost of steel piers can fluctuate depending upon steel prices at the time of steel pier installation, in the long run it might prove to be the smartest choice for you and your valuable home.

Process Of Steel Pier Installation

The process used to install steel piers is similar to that of installing concrete pressed piers, meaning that the steel piers are pressed deeply into the ground by using a hydraulic jack. Because steel piers are considered in the industry as one of the finest developments ever manufactured for foundation repair and can be plunged as deep as 75 feet into the ground, they offer tremendous support for your home. Steel piers withstand erosion and moisture that so easily accumulates in our Texas clay soils.

Installation of steel piers is relatively quick and the process can usually be completed in just a couple days, depending upon how many piers are required. The reason is because our installation experts are highly-experienced in the use of a hydraulic jack and in the installation of steel piers. Our Certified Foundation Inspector will evaluate and assess your soil qualities and determine the number of steel piers that are required, the depth that each pier must be driven and the locations where each steel pier must be placed.

Steel piers are excellent in supporting both pier and beam foundations and concrete slab foundations. Steel piers are so strong that their strength cannot be matched! To schedule your free consultation and inspection on your foundation, call Infrastructures USA today at (817) 440-3229!