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Wall Repair

You must have a strong, stable and solid foundation for your house, as your home is a very valuable investment! Unfortunately, there are many foundation issues that you may be confronted with here in the North Texas area due to our shifting soils that are clay-based. Wall repair is a serious issue that we offer here at Infrastructures USA encounter and repair quite frequently. Our family-owned company has provided superior wall repair services to the residents and business owners in the seven counties that we serve since 2014.

Our exceptionally-experienced team of licensed, bonded and insured foundation repair and wall repair experts never encounter a job that is too large or too difficult! Do you have walls that seem to be tilting or that are bowing? If so, then you need wall repair! Don’t ignore or delay repairing your walls, because if this problem isn’t addressed quickly, the problem will continue to become much worse.

Do you have walls outdoors that are stone or brick? Are the walls in your basement concrete walls or are they made of masonry block? Once our wall repair expert analyzes and assesses your wall issue, a strong plan-of-action will be put into effect immediately. You can bank on the fact that Infrastructures USA will take care of your wall issues with swift efficiency and flawless expertise.

Common Causes of Problems

Because no two homes are exactly alike, Infrastructures USA analyzes and determines the specific root cause of the wall damage and the approach that is best for you, your residence and your budget. Water intrusion is when water gradually accumulates up and around your foundation and leaks in and around your walls. This weakens your foundation and invites serious wall problems. If you notice areas on your outdoor grounds or in the crawl spaces of your house where water is standing and doesn’t drain efficiently, that’s a serious warning sign!

Hydrostatic pressure is a serious nemesis and results from varying levels of soil pressure, a very common cause in our region. Wall destabilization happens when soil shifts, like we encounter frequently with the clay-based soils throughout our area. Infrastructures USA knows Texas soil!

Once we analyze and determine what is responsible for your wall damage, you can rest assured that the best repair method will be used, be it wall anchors, crack-lock repairs for concrete walls, adjustable wall braces and the many wall repair methods that our highly-experienced team of wall repair experts are skilled at!

Types Of Walls

The type of wall that you have that is in need of repair will largely determine the repair method that we provide here at Infrastructures USA will use.

Poured Walls

When subjected to water intrusion or hydrostatic pressure, poured concrete walls will lose their stability and strength. When first noticed, the cracks must be repaired often and in many cases, support systems are needed to repair the cracks properly and to be certain that the damage is stopped. Cracks frequently need braces, intricate industry techniques and other means of support to be sure that the problem is rectified. Patching the cracks alone doesn’t correct the problem, as it is most often caused by hydrostatic pressure.

Masonry Block Walls

When you have stacked masonry block walls in your crawl space or basement, it is much easier and quicker to repair. With masonry block walls, there are no hidden, underlying issues to be worried about when you notice problems. This fact makes masonry block walls faster to repair and correct the wall damage.

Wall Repair Solutions

Infrastructures USA takes your wall problems seriously! Our goal is to always find the root cause of the wall issue, which most often tends to be hydrostatic pressure. We don’t want to just fix your wall, we want to prevent future wall problems from happening! Exterior water management and waterproofing will be combined to make sure that you won’t be facing wall repair problems any longer!

Wall Anchors

Infrastructures USA offers you several varieties of wall anchors, including plate tie back, concrete tie back, screw tie back and wall lock. Wall anchors are very affordable, can be installed quickly and they are extremely strong. When hydrostatic pressure is the root cause of your wall issues, water management must be enacted also.

Crack-lock Repairs For Concrete

The crack-lock repairs for concrete that we use here at Infrastructures USA are incredibly fast for our highly-experienced team of foundation repair and wall repair experts to install. They are minimally invasive and repair both sides of the concrete. In addition, they increase the strength of other repairs and prevent additional movement of your walls. To make crack-lock repairs even better, they can be painted over however you desire and you’ll never even be able to tell that the wall has been repaired!

Adjustable Wall Brace

Are the walls in your basement or in your crawlspace bowing or tilted? These strong galvanized steel beams help support these walls and aid in preventing wall damage that often results from shifting soil. What do they look like? You’ll never see them! Another big plus of adjustable wall braces is that they’re installed on the inside so the aesthetic appearance of the inside of your house will not be disturbed.

Carbon Fiber Strips

The strength of your poured concrete walls is greatly increased with carbon fiber strips, as they prevent your poured concrete walls from bowing or tilting. Another big advantage of these is that no excavation is needed and they are extremely affordable. If you desire, carbon fiber strips can also be painted.

Epoxy Injections For All Cracks

Always remember that in order to repair your walls correctly, you must get to the root cause of your wall problem and not just strive for visual appeal! Most often used on the interior of basement walls, epoxy injections aid in repairing poured concrete walls, slabs and columns. These are very cost-effective, environmentally safe and are frequently used in combination with other wall repair methods.

Root Barriers

The foundation of your home is protected by root barriers. Root barriers guard your foundation from growing trees, plants and roots, as these can put pressure on your foundation and cause it to become weak, damaged and unstable. They keep the soil moisture at a healthy, constant level which, in our North Texas area, tends to vary incredibly due to drought-like climatic conditions and periods of heavy rainfall.

Call For A Free Consultation!

Do you have walls that you know are in need of serious repairs? Are you wanting to be certain that your walls are repaired properly and that the problems with your walls won’t continue? Don’t put it off!

Call Infrastructures USA today at (817) 440-3229 for a free consultation and estimate! You can count on Infrastructures USA to provide you with the best wall repair services and to treat you with the VIP service that you deserve!