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Slab Foundation Repair

Infrastructures USA is honored to provide exceptional quality foundation repair services to the residents and business owners in the seven counties that we serve. Here in the North Texas area, slab foundation repair is often needed, as the majority of homes are less than fifty years of age and have a concrete slab foundation. Slab foundations consist of a solid, thick slab of concrete and are poured directly on to the surface of the ground. Infrastructures USA knows the soil here in our region!

Our family-owned company that is locally-based uses only the finest state-of-the-art equipment and we are experts in ProLift technology. Safety is top priority with us! Our entire team of foundation repair specialists, our Certified Foundation Inspector and our Certified Geologist are licensed, bonded and insured. The safety and stability of your house and of your commercial building are of extreme importance to us!

Concrete slab foundations can settle, shift and change from many environmental factors. When you first begin to see signs of foundation settlement and problems, don’t delay in contacting us at (817) 440-3229! Infrastructures USA is always available for you and we’re ready to repair and restore your slab foundation quickly, efficiently and with flawless expertise to save your house from deteriorating.

Signs Of Slab Foundation Problems?

The soil throughout our area consists primarily of clay composition, which can expand and contract depending upon weather conditions. The majority of homes in the nine counties that we serve are built upon clay soil. As you know, the temperatures vary tremendously here in our region! Excessive heat and drought will dry the soil out, as well as trees and shrubs that need the soil’s moisture.

On the flip side, periods of heavy rainfall that often leaves standing water on your outdoor grounds will weaken your slab foundation and damage it also! When well-maintained, concrete slabs are an excellent foundation for your home; however, when signs of slab foundation problems first become visible, it’s of the utmost importance to address these issues right away! If you ignore slab foundation problems, it will result in serious property damage to your home.

The following signs of slab foundation problems are serious red flags and should not be ignored:

  1. Exterior Brick Cracks: When you notice cracks through your brickwork that appear to be stair-stepping and resemble stairs, these are known also as step crack.
  2. Cracked Slab: Don’t hesitate in calling Infrastructures USA when there are visible cracks in your concrete slab foundation!
  3. Sheetrock Gaps or Tears: Your sheetrock will only exhibit torn places and gaps when your concrete slab foundation has shifted and settled.
  4. Uneven Floors or Broken Tiles: Does your floor seem to have shifted and no longer be even? Are there cracked or broken tiles in your floor? Call Infrastructures USA immediately!
  5. Spaces or Uneven Windows: Are your windows now out of balance? Your concrete slab needs to be repaired if this is the case.
  6. Crevices In Ceilings: If you have cracks in your ceiling, then your concrete slab foundation has settled and shifted.
  7. Leaning Fireplace: When a home is constructed properly, it won’t have a fireplace that’s leaning! If your fireplace is now tilted and leaning, contact Infrastructures USA right away!

Advantages of Having A Slab Foundation

Despite the damage that can be caused by ground settlement and shifting soil, there are many positive benefits and advantages to having a concrete slab foundation.

Some of the advantages of having a slab foundation include the following:

  1. Less Rodents: Can you even find it possible for rodents to invade your home when they’d have to try to penetrate a concrete slab foundation? Of course not! A slab foundation is a strong defense against the invasion of these annoying pests.
  2. Less Infestation of Insects: In the same way that rodents cannot break through a concrete slab foundation, insects can’t break down that barrier either! Concrete slab foundations prevent the invasion by rodents and insect pests, which are more likely to enter through a pier and beam foundation and hidden crawlspaces.
  3. Leveled To The Ground: Slab foundations are poured directly onto ground that has been smoothed, leveled and is even. Slab foundations have grade beams beneath and all around the slab, making the concrete slab foundation stable, solid and very durable.

Why Choose Slab Foundations?

When concrete slab foundations are well-kept and indicative signs of foundation problems are addressed immediately, slab foundations are strong, long-lasting and durable. They prevent the invasion of disgusting pests and insects also. You’ll have a built-in defense system against those unwanted invaders and won’t have a need to contact an exterminator.

Be sure that you watch out for standing water that is close to your home’s foundation or for trees that have grown larger and appear to be pressing up against your slab foundation.

Call Infrastructures USA Today!

Infrastructures USA is extensively-experienced in repairing all slab foundation problems and there is no job that is too large or too difficult for your highly-skilled team of foundation repair experts! Contact us today at (817) 440-3229 and schedule your free inspection on your foundation!