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Pier and Beam Repair

Your home must be maintained and cared for properly, as it is an extremely valuable investment. For you to feel safe, secure and have peace in your residence, you must have a strong, stable and solid foundation.

Since 2014, Infrastructures USA has provided superior pier and beam foundation repair to the homeowners throughout the seven counties that we offer foundation repair services too. Infrastructures USA knows Texas soil! Because the soil movement throughout our region is fairly common and often unpredictable, many homeowners unfortunately develop pier and beam foundation problems.

With Infrastructures USA, you come first! Our family-owned company is devoted to providing you with exceptional quality pier and beam foundation repair service promptly, efficiently and with flawless precision and accuracy.

When And How To Stop Pier And Beam Foundation Repairs?

Are there areas in your floors that are sagging downward? Are you concerned because your floors appear to be uneven and like they’re sloping? This is no problem for us to correct! You need pier and beam foundation repair!

Our foundation repair professionals here at Infrastructures USA install pressed concrete and steel piers in order to make the floors throughout your home level. How old is your house? Homes that are built prior to the late 50’s frequently have wood shims, or what’s commonly called support beams, and those beams can rot and decay over time.

We install steel shims to correct and prevent this problem from happening. Crawl spaces can also have rotten wood and decay in areas where water accumulates. In that particular case, the wood must be replaced and drainage repairs will be a must!

The best way to prevent pier and beam foundation problems is to call Infrastructures USA at (817) 440-3229 because we make certain that these problems are prevented from happening before you wind up facing serious home devastation!

Free Consultation Infrastructures USA Today!

Are you beginning to notice signs that you need pier and beam foundation repair? Don’t delay! To put off repairing your pier and beam foundation problems will cause your home to disintegrate over time.

Your home’s a valuable investment and you must protect pier and beam destruction from happening! Contact Infrastructures USA today at (817) 440-3229 to schedule your free consultation with our Certified Foundation Inspector!