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Deck & Patio Repair

Have you started noticing cracks in your patio or on your deck? Do you have hairline cracks in your outdoor concrete areas or places that are no longer even or level? These annoying issues are not just eyesores, they can become extremely dangerous if left unrepaired and contribute to the disintegration of your home! Your home is an extremely valuable investment and it’s of utmost importance to protect it and care for it properly.

Infrastructures USA provides you with superior foundation repair and concrete leveling and lifting services. With our extensively-experienced team of foundation repair and concrete repair experts, there is no job that is too large, too small or too difficult for us to handle! After our concrete repair expert evaluates and assesses your damaged concrete deck or concrete patio areas, a game-plan will be established and the concrete repair work will begin. All concrete repair services are customized exclusively for you, as no two residences and outdoor environments are exactly alike.

Concrete Patio Raising

Raising and leveling concrete patios and decks is one of Infrastructures USA areas of specialty and expertise. We are known throughout the DFW metroplex area and the seven counties that we provide our service to for our polyurethane concrete raising system. This state-of-the-art system rapidly raises and levels your patio and deck and returns it to its original form. We understand that no one wants their lifestyle and daily routine to be interrupted for long periods of time or to have large work crews all over their outdoor grounds.

The PolyLift system is proven to be long-lasting, safe for the environment and it raises and levels the uneven places in your patio and your deck smoothly and safely. Most jobs utilizing this advanced treatment are completed in no more than two days and there are no loud noises that you’re subjected to from repair equipment. This technologically advanced system is cost-efficient, clean and it won’t damage your beautiful landscaped areas.

Patio Repair Specialist In The DFW Metroplex

Have you been searching all around hoping to find the best patio repair specialist near you? Infrastructures USA is your answer! Our conveniently-located, family-owned company is close to you and our services are offered to you and all of the cities in the seven counties that we serve. After your damaged concrete areas are examined, evaluated and assessed, the concrete repair method that is best suited for you will be determined and the solution will be presented to you.

If the concrete damage is severe, the damaged area may need to be replaced because it’s frequently less costly to replace severely damaged places rather than trying to work around the damage. For aesthetic appeal and depending upon the location of the damage, the Crack lock system will be used and the area will then be resurfaced. Our polyurethane injections are excellent for many concrete areas such as decks, patios, sunrooms and walkways.

No matter how small or how large that your concrete damage is, you can bet on the fact that Infrastructures USA is the best patio and concrete repair specialist to be found anywhere in the DFW metroplex!

Call Today For A Free Estimate!

Don’t you want the best concrete repair specialist to repair your damaged concrete areas? Of course you do! Contact Infrastructures USA today at (817) 440-3229 and schedule your free inspection and a free estimate! Our concrete repair experts will evaluate and assess your damaged concrete areas and provide you with your estimate, free of charge to you!