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Concrete Repairs

Are you noticing unsightly cracks in your sidewalk? Do you have cracks in your driveway, around your pool deck and patio area or hairline cracks that are beginning to appear on your foundation? Infrastructure USA has provided the homeowners in Fort Worth, Texas and throughout the seven counties that we offer service to with exceptional concrete repair services since 2014.

What are you planning to do about those uneven places in your sidewalk, driveway, patio or sunroom? Concrete leveling is a specialty of ours and we restore your concrete areas back to their original, desired position fast, neatly and with expert precision. Not only are concrete damages irritating and unsightly, they can become very dangerous, contribute to accidents and ultimately lead to the disintegration of your home.

Don’t hesitate in repairing your damaged concrete areas and avoid the problems that they can present. For a free inspection and evaluation of the concrete repair services that you are in need of, contact Infrastructure USA at (817) 440-3229!

Repairing Your Concrete Problems

The concrete and foundation repair experts here at Infrastructure USA are highly-experienced in the use of the PolyLift system. This ultra-strong concrete repair method raises areas in your concrete that have sunken down quickly and with very little mess.

We understand that your daily lifestyle should be interrupted as little as possible; therefore, we work swiftly to repair your damaged concrete surfaces. A polyurethane substance is injected through barely-noticeable small holes below your unleveled concrete areas and raises the sunken spots so that your entire area will once again be even and level.

Another repair option that we offer you is the crack lock system. This is a heavy-duty version of a staple especially developed for concrete because it permanently stops cracks from continuing in your foundation, floors and outdoor areas. This concrete repair method can be cleverly disguised by covering the repaired areas with an overlay of decorative coating.

Concrete Repair Methods Customized For Your Property

No two residences are exactly alike, nor are their outdoor grounds or the concrete areas. After our concrete repair experts evaluate and determine the best methods for repairing your cracked, damaged or unleveled concrete surfaces or your concrete slab foundation, a plan of action will be designed and presented to you prior to beginning. You might have places in need of total concrete replacement because sometimes it’s more efficient and less costly to replace sections rather than trying to work around and repair severely damaged areas.

Epoxy injections, as in the PolyLift system, are superior for many concrete areas such as walkways, flooring, sunrooms, decks or patios. To restore the aesthetic appeal of the damage area, the Crack lock process will be used and then the area will be resurfaced. Call Infrastructure USA at (817) 440-3229 to schedule your free evaluation and estimate.

Call Us Today For All Concrete Repair Services!

When you have places in your concrete that are damaged, don’t hesitate in calling us! If you put it off, the damage will only continue to worsen and you’ll be dealing with an even bigger problem. Our family-owned company is devoted to providing you, our VIP customer, with superior concrete repair services swiftly, efficiently and with flawless accuracy and precision.

Call us today at (817) 440-3229 to make an appointment for your complimentary evaluation and consultation. No matter what concrete repair issue that you are facing, you can count on Infrastructure USA to take care of it all for you!