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Commercial and Industrial Services

Infrastructure USA has the experience and knowledge that you need and deserve so as to keep your industry or business in flawless condition to guarantee that your operation runs efficiently. No matter if you have a small, local free-standing store or a massive complex or industry site, there’s no foundation repair service that our team of highly-experienced foundation repair experts have not successfully addressed with flawless accuracy, precision and in a swift manner.

There’s no foundation repair service that you’ll find yourself in need of that’s too large or too difficult for Infrastructure USA! With the knowledge and technical expertise that’s required, our outstanding team of foundation repair experts are devoted to providing you with the foundation repair services that you need for your business at low, competitive prices, promptly and with safety always at the forefront!

Your personal safety, the safety of your employees and the safety of your business are number one with us! The entire staff here at Infrastructure USA is licensed, bonded and insured and devoted to adhering to strong safety protocols.

Infrastructure USA offers you a comprehensive inspection and estimate free of charge. We’re a full foundation company and guarantee the quality of our work 100%!

What Type of Solutions For Commercial Projects?

Infrastructure USA understands the many challenging issues that you face with your foundation, concrete and plumbing and drainage problems. Once our Certified Foundation Inspector examines, evaluates and assesses your problem, a comprehensive action plan is outlined and we get to work! Because safety is of high priority with us, Infrastructure USA uses only state-of-the-art equipment and we are experts in Pro-Lift technology.

We know the soil here in our North Texas region! Because no two locations and businesses are identical, we customized our services and personalize them just for you and your particular business.

As an example, a large business complex will most likely have a steel pier foundation that goes deep into the ground and rests upon bedrock. In contrast, a small neighborhood free-standing store will probably have a concrete slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation with crawl spaces. Since there’s a huge difference between these structures, they will each be prone to different problems; therefore, our repairs are always customized for your particular needs.

Commercial Foundation

The following five subjects pertain to the foundation type that you have and the issues that can arise, as well as the services that Infrastructure USA provides for you:

  1. Steel Piers (Helical Piers)

The taller that your building is, the deeper its support system must go. Steel piers go deep into the ground and rest upon bedrock. Our Certified Foundation Inspector will analyze your site and determine the specific repair method that’s needed.

  1. Drilled Piers

Concrete is poured into a large cylinder that is reinforced with steel for added strength. This is a deep foundation support system.

  1. Commercialized Concrete Piles

Substantial, heavy-duty, solid concrete columns are pushed deeply into the ground to provide exceptionally strong support for your foundation.

  1. Polyurethane Crack Injections

This repair method is swift, visually pleasing and cost-effective. Polyurethane is injected deep into foundation walls and cracks.

  1. Personalized & Custom Made Engineered Designs

Because no two structures or outdoor grounds areas are identical, we analyze your property and customize the perfect repair plan for your industry or business.

In addition to our numerous foundation repair methods, Infrastructure USA is honored to offer you many repair services which include the following:

  • Plumbing

Unfortunately, plumbing issues are common for business owners to be forced to face! Our plumbing services run the gamut. No matter what plumbing problems that you find yourself confronted with, you can depend on Infrastructure USA to correct it for you!

Are your courtyard areas, walkways or patios uneven? Are there cracks in walls? We provide all concrete repair services for you and wall repair and concrete leveling are specialties of ours.

  • Wall Repairs & Services

Are your walls leaning or bowing? No matter if they’re masonry block or poured concrete, we utilize the finest wall repair techniques that are geared for your particular wall problems.

  • Crawl Space and Tunneling

Your tunneling and crawl spaces are prone to developing drainage issues and cause weakening over time. Our hidden support systems and waterproofing methods ensure that your foundation and crawl spaces remain safe, strong and problem-free.

Are there unsightly areas on your commercial grounds where water tends to accumulate? Standing water will weaken your foundation; therefore, you will most likely need drainage services! We are pros at all drainage methods and do what’s necessary to eliminate your drainage problems.

Providing All Commercial & Industrial Services

Infrastructure USA has the extensive experience and highly-skilled crew of foundation repair service professionals needed to address all of your commercial and residential foundation issues. Since 2014, our family-owned company has provided foundation repair, drainage repair, wall repair and concrete repair services to the residents and business owners in the seven counties that we provide our services to. With Infrastructure USA, there’s no job that’s too big or too small!

We take care of it all! Infrastructure USA puts you, our valued customer, first! Take a look at our reviews from our many satisfied homeowners and business owners throughout our region and rest assured in knowing that all of your foundation and drainage problems will be handled by us with flawless efficiency. We always provide you with a free inspection and estimate, our work is guaranteed and our services come with a warranty.

We are proud to be on The Good Contractors List, BBB Accredited, a part of the Texas Association of Builders and Homeadvisor Screen Approved. No matter if you have a huge business complex or a small family home or neighborhood business, you can count on Infrastructure USA to take care of your foundation and drainage problems rapidly and with accuracy and precision.

Call Today For A Commercial Service Expert!

Never put off addressing your foundation, wall, concrete or drainage problems! The longer that you hesitate, the worse the problem will get! Contact Infrastructure USA today at (817) 440-3229 and schedule your free consultation and inspection with our commercial services expert!