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Combo Piers

Your home is a very valuable investment. In order for your house to be structurally sound, it must have a stable, strong foundation! The foundation is the base that your house is built upon; therefore, what do you think will happen to your valuable home if your foundation is damaged, weak and in need of repairs?

Infrastructures USA has provided the residents and business owners throughout the seven counties that we serve with outstanding quality combination pier repair services since our company was founded in 2014. Houses with combination piers are extremely common in older homes in established neighborhoods. Our extensively-experienced foundation repair professionals are quite familiar with repairing combination piers and will repair your combination pier foundation with the utmost in precision, accuracy and care.

Our family-owned company and our entire team of foundation repair experts, our Certified Foundation Inspector and our Certified Geologist are licensed, bonded and insured. We’re devoted to adhering to strong safety protocols; therefore, you can bank on the fact that you and your home are always safe and secure when you trust Infrastructures USA!

What Are Combination Piers (Combo Piers)?

Commonly known throughout the industry as combo piers, combination piers combine both a concrete slab foundation and a pier and beam foundation all in one. This foundation type is common in mid-century modern, ranch-style and split-level home designs. Since there are two different foundation styles combined into one house, these types of homes are subject to variable foundation issues.

These foundation types combine both the strong, solid concrete slab with the intense strength of steel piers. A combination pier foundation provides homeowners with the durability that they need along with the affordable cost that homeowners desire. A well-maintained combination pier foundation is an absolute must in preventing devastating damage to your entire home’s structure.

Benefits Of Our Combination Pier System

At Infrastructures USA, we drive our steel piers deep into the ground until they are resting upon bedrock; thus, they are not shifted along with the shifting soil. After this process, the concrete piling that is strong, affordable, durable and long-lasting is added along with the steel piers. By combining these two proven foundation repair techniques, Infrastructures USA gives homeowners the security and peace of mind of a stable, strong foundation along with reduced cost.

We don’t stop there! We also provide you with a lifetime and transferable warranty! Our combination piers repair service is guaranteed 100%! If you notice damages or changes to your foundation, don’t delay in contacting Infrastructures USA, as the damages will continue to progress and worsen if they’re not addressed quickly.

For your free inspection on your foundation, call us today at (817) 440-3229 to learn more about Combo Piers!