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Have you been noticing standing water or puddles that never seem to drain efficiently throughout your outdoor grounds? Signs like these are serious indications that you need exterior water management! Don’t put this off! Technologically advanced drainage systems, as Infrastructures USA installs with expertise, are critical and necessary in preventing water from accumulating near your foundation and weakening and damaging it.

This also will prevent leaks from developing in your basement or throughout your lower level rooms. An excessive amount of water causes hydrostatic pressure, causing the soil to expand. Clay soil, which is common throughout the seven counties that we serve, expands easily from excessive moisture. When there is excessive moisture in your soil and the soil is expanded, it pushes against your home’s foundation and walls.

This negative situation causes serious structural damage, it weakens your foundation and contributes to aesthetically displeasing discoloring of your concrete and brickwork. Contact Infrastructures USA today at (817) 440-3229 and talk with our Certified Structural Technician regarding your drainage problems and concerns!

French Drain

A French drain, commonly known throughout the industry as a dry well, normally uses standard 4″ perforated pipe. The trench that the pipe is laid in is most often filled with gravel or rock and the perforations along the bottom of the hollow pipe swiftly vent and release the water that seeps down through the gravel or rock fill.

Infrastructures USA utilizes the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology to make the traditional French drain system much better and more efficient.

Surface Drainage

The two drainage systems that are most often used to help eliminate excessive water accumulation and moisture are the French drain and surface drains. Surface drainage removes water that’s on the surface by utilizing the slopes and angles of the land and incorporating drains that carry off the excess water.

Infrastructures USA provides you with a complimentary water management assessment and analysis to determine the drainage system that works best for your particular outdoor environment.

Combo Drainage

A combo drain is a traditional, commonly-seen roof drain that has an overhang to withstand water accumulation and makes it able to handle excessive rainfall. For this drain type, all hardware is coated to protect against rusting and corrosion. Don’t take water run-off lightly!

Excessive water on your roof can, and will, roll off into your outdoor grounds and leak along your home’s outer walls. Excessive water, if left unaddressed, will cause the foundation of your home to weaken and become unstable. Sticking windows and doors, insect infestations and mildew and mold will develop swiftly without proper drainage around your home and throughout your outdoor area.

EZ Drain

Most frequently used for homes that have pier and beam foundations, the EZ drain is very lightweight. It helps to remove intrusive water build-up from crawl spaces and gets the water out and away from underneath your house. The EZ drain is easy to use and easy for us foundation repair and drainage system experts to install.

Infrastructures USA is proud to have many happy, satisfied customers in older, established neighborhood homes where we have eliminated their drainage problems by installing the EZ drain.

Grate Drain

Grate drains are most frequently used for basements and rooms below ground level. This is because grate drains permit water to enter them from both the lower floor level and the walls.

Grate drains come in a variety of materials for you to select from, such as plastic, metal, cast iron and stainless steel. No matter where the water is moving towards, a grate drain will collect this excess water and redirect it. This fact is because the grate drain is dual-chambered.

Collection Boxes

Commonly known throughout the industry as catch basins, the collection boxes are located right below the ground’s surface. Excess water runs off through the grate and is collected into the collection box. The water is then led away by a pipe that’s connected to the collection box.

Landscape Grading

When you use a sprinkler system and when it is raining outside, water will naturally accumulate and run down the slope of your outdoor grounds. Landscape grading makes certain that you have the proper drains that lead the water away from the foundation of your house.

Homes that sit low and have land sloping toward them are in great danger of having excess water build-up. Landscape grading is extremely important to protect the foundation of your home and protect your house from damages caused by excessive moisture.

Gutter Installations

Proper drainage by means of the correct gutter system for your home is absolutely necessary! Without the correct gutters and downspouts, an excessive amount of water will collect and be surrounding your home. As the soil expands, like is so common throughout our area because of the clay soil, your home’s foundation will shift and become damaged and unstable.

The Certified Foundation Inspectors and Certified Structural Technician that we have here at Infrastructures USA will inspect, analyze and determine the correct gutter installations that are best suited and customized exclusively for you.

Be sure that your home has the drainage that is best for it and that your foundation is protected! Your home is a valuable investment so don’t take chances when it comes to the safety of your home! With Infrastructures USA, the safety of you and your home are top priority!

Contact us today at (817) 440-3229 and schedule your free inspection and free estimates. Our highly-experienced team of foundation and drainage experts here at Infrastructures USA are licensed, bonded and insured. You, our valued customer, come first! We guarantee your satisfaction 100%!